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Greg Robertson, co-founder of W+R Studios and publisher of Vendor Alley, talks real estate technology with the people who are shaping it.
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Mar 16, 2017

Sifting through listing data is no one’s idea of a good time. But both brokers and technology providers spend a lot of time and money managing information from multiple MLSs. Would you be interested in a tool that could offer you a competitive edge by way of data access and control? Trestle might be the tool for you.


Kevin Greene is a real estate tech executive with expertise in business partnership development, strategy and product management. He has worked on both sides of the real estate aisle, serving as a broker for two years before crossing over to the vendor side of the industry ten years ago. He joined the team at CoreLogic this past July, where he serves as Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships and New Initiatives at the leading global property information, analytics and data-enabled solutions provider.


Greene attended Auburn University, then served as paratrooper in the Army to pay for college. He received his degree in business administration from Jacksonville University and had a stint as a textbook sales rep with Prentice Hall before going to work for discount brokerage Help-U-Sell. In 2007, he got a lead through for a job in real estate tech sales with what was then Fidelity National Financial. Greene rose through the ranks to become VP of MLS Solutions and then Senior Vice President of Business Development at Real Estate Digital before landing at CoreLogic. Today he discusses his new role and the potential of CoreLogic’s new Trestle initiative.


What’s Discussed: 

CoreLogic’s current objectives

  • Partnerships with core services
  • Conversion to Matrix platform
  • Upgraded version of Matrix

The Trestle initiative

  • Connect data (MLS) to tech providers/brokers

How Trestle was conceived

  • RESO compliance

The benefits of an aggregated feed

Permissioning challenges

How a tool like Trestle might facilitate the shift to APIs

The default agreements available through Trestle

Trestle’s pricing model

The cost-benefit analysis of utilizing Trestle vs. in-house staff

The phases of the Trestle launch

  • Enroll MLSs
  • Register tech providers
  • Ecommerce platform
  • Broker access
  • Listing input




Trestle Initiative


Connect with Kevin Greene:


CoreLogic Website


  • almost two years ago
    Ed Tee
    Great to hear of someone solving the problem of MLS data feed anarchy ;)
    I'm looking to partner with someone who can provide MLS data in a consistent way and would be interested with working with Trestle.
    The best thing about my project is that it is open source:

    Its a website builder for realtors. Something that could complement Trestle nicely. I'll get in touch to discuss some more.
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