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Greg Robertson, co-founder of W+R Studios and publisher of Vendor Alley, talks real estate technology with the people who are shaping it.
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May 7, 2017

LIVE from the RESO Spring Conference 2017!

In a world where your every move is tracked via geocode through your Starbucks orders and Instagram posts, there is an abundance of data. And those who know how to interpret that information can learn an awful lot about a person and her behavior, using it to either market or serve … or both. The world of real estate is no different, and there is much buzz in the industry regarding an innovative new data solutions product for agents.

Remine is a Big Data company that delivers predictive analytics to real estate professionals exclusively through their MLS. They analyze property records, transactional history and consumer data to determine someone’s propensity of buy, sell or refinance a home. Their user interface utilizes heat maps and other visualizations to help real estate professionals contextualize data, identify new leads and win more business. The team is comprised of successful agents who understand the needs of real estate professionals.


Jonathan Spinetto is the COO of Remine, and he has been a licensed agent since 2002. Using his own custom technology systems, Spinetto has completed over 3,000 single family residential transactions. As both a practitioner and a technologist who offers unique insight into industry trends, he delivers keynotes internationally around Big Data in real estate.

Lucie Fortier is the newly appointed VP of Product. She brings an understanding of the MLS space and a great deal of implementation experience to the Remine team. Fortier spent the last five years as Senior Director of Operations at CoreLogic, where she was accountable for the support and execution of a suite of Real Estate web-based applications delivered to 600,000-plus agents in the US and Canada.

Spinetto and Fortier articulate the specifics of the Remine product and how it ties together property attributes with data about people in order to provide meaningful insight for agents. Listen and learn how Remine is different from other companies that offer predictive analytics and why they chose to partner with MLSs.

What’s Discussed:  

How Remine employs data to help agents find prospects

Why Remine doesn’t fit into a particular product category

The types of data Remine has aggregated and linked to MLS data

  • Contact info
  • Property data
  • Mortgage data
  • Airbnb data
  • Predictive analytics
  • Individual stats about residents
  • Parcels

Why Fortier joined the Remine team

The beauty of providing meaningful insight that agents can use

The difference between Remine and other companies that offer predictive analytics

  • MLS-centric (available to all members)

How Remine democratizes the data to help agents be proactive

How Remine fills a gap in the real estate tech space

Why Remine chose to partner with MLSs rather than sell directly to agents

The importance of face-to-face demos

The necessity of stewardship when it comes to data sharing

  • Privacy concerns
  • Shift in societal norms

The responsibilities of a company like Remine to share appropriate personal information

  • Controlling product delivery via coordination with MLS systems helps stop bad actors

The Remine implementation schedule

What Fortier brings to the table as VP of Product

  • Understanding of MLS space and how agents use applications
  • Experience in implementation

How Remine adjusts predictive analytics to localize to a given area

How Remine is funded


Connect with Jonathan Spinetto and Lucie Fortier:



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