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Greg Robertson, co-founder of W+R Studios and publisher of Vendor Alley, talks real estate technology with the people who are shaping it.
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Aug 22, 2017

If you feared more of the same when Bob Goldberg was named CEO of NAR, take heart. The rhetoric of our new leadership is focused on engagement, openness and transparency—knocking down the façade of the ‘Ivory Tower’ and facilitating dialogue with members, even those who disagree.

Bob Goldberg has been a senior executive with NAR since 1995, and his accomplishments include the launch of the REALTOR Benefits Program, the introduction of the top-level domain initiative, and the expansion of NAR’s technology partnerships via Second City Ventures and its REach Technology Accelerator. Prior to NAR, Goldberg served as senior vice president with PRC Realty Systems.

Bob is lauded for his leadership, recently named one of the 2017 Swanepoel Power 200 and Inman News Real Estate Influencers of 2017. Bob has forged his career on designing programs and partnerships to strengthen the REALTOR organization and drive success for its 1.2 million members. Today, he explains his approach to ushering in a new era at NAR, discussing his pursuit of transparency through social media, interviews and opportunities for Q&A. He also addresses his intention to serve members via a ‘flipping the pyramid’ model of leadership, and how he plans to empower his team with the authority to drive change. Listen to understand why Bob is an advocate of tech initiative partnerships, and how NAR can tackle the issue of professionalism among its members—with both consumers and fellow agents.

What’s Discussed: 

Bob’s pursuit of openness and transparency 

How Bob plans to connect directly with NAR members

Bob’s interview with Andrew Flachner of RealScout

How Bob and the panel approached Q&A at the NAR Leadership Summit

Bob’s intention to facilitate honest discussion about industry issues

Bob’s mission to break down the façade of the ‘Ivory Tower’

  • Message was controlled in past
  • Initiate dialogue with dissenting voices

Bob’s ‘flipping the pyramid’ concept

  • Think from member perspective first
  • Encourage member engagement

The upcoming NAR organizational design study

Greg’s characterization of Bob as having a ‘vibe of inclusiveness’

Bob’s aim to be a different kind of leader

  • Visionary
  • Empower team with authority to drive change

Bob’s background in MLS technology with PRC

How Bob plans to assess the value prop of tech initiatives

  • Cost of product
  • Member use

The NAR budget process

How NAR decides to sunset a program that’s run its course

Why Bob does not advocate for a national MLS

  • Not NAR’s core competency
  • NAR doesn’t have funding to compete
  • Better to seek partnerships with experts

Bob’s take on NAR’s role in raising the bar for agents

Professionalism with consumers and fellow members

The complexity of addressing professionalism in the industry

Bob’s willingness to be embrace social media

The world-class talent at NAR

The network effect of engagement 



NAR Leadership Summit on Facebook Live 

RealScout Interview with Bob Goldberg

RealScout on Facebook


Connect with Bob Goldberg:

Bob on Facebook

Bob on LinkedIn

NAR Leadership Team on Facebook

NAR Leadership on Twitter


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