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Greg Robertson, co-founder of W+R Studios and publisher of Vendor Alley, talks real estate technology with the people who are shaping it.
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May 9, 2017

LIVE from the RESO Spring Conference 2017


‘…You’re building a new infrastructure. You’re building a brand new interstate, and one of the hardest things is the off ramp and the on ramp.’

RETS has been a solid technology standard for fifteen years, and many vendors are resistant to make the change to API. But as the needs of mobile shift the industry, a new ‘interstate’ is necessary. Today’s guest is prepared to discuss the details of this controversial pivot.

Jeremy Crawford is the CEO of RESO, the organization responsible for the creation, promotion and adoption of standards in the real estate industry. RESO seeks to fuel innovation and help streamline the real estate transaction. Crawford has been involved with RESO since 2010, serving on its Board of Directors and co-leading the Education and Outreach Workgroup. He has a unique combination of talent and experience, with an extensive background in information technology and corporate management. After graduating from East Tennessee State University with a degree in computer science, he landed an IT position with Safeco Insurance. From there, he worked in network management for BB&T Corporation and MarketLinx (a division of CoreLogic). His resume also includes leadership roles as CIO of SANDICOR, CIO and COO of MLSListings, and COO of Aculist.

Crawford explains the need for a pivot away from RETS to API, the benefits of saved search portability, and the progress of the transition to date. Listen in to understand the steps being taken to improve the permissioning process and who might play a role in further advances.


What’s Discussed: 

The controversial pivot to API

  • Resistance from traditional vendors
  • Interstate analogy (on and off ramps)
  • Shifting needs require API
  • Parallel uses of both RETS and API likely

The progress of the move to API

  • Distribution piece complete
  • Updates component under development

The vendors who are taking advantage of API capabilities

The benefits of switching to API for established vendors

  • API built to access data on the fly
  • Can still replicate data, but have option not to
  • Saved search portability

Progress with regard to the challenges of permissioning

  • Standardized data licensing agreements
  • NAR turnaround time policy for IDX access
  • Access to developmental data feeds to facilitate product development

Who is responsible for permissioning process

  • RESO R&D Workgroup drafting best practices
  • Brokers must help shepherd process along




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  • over a year ago
    Ed Tee
    Would love to hear something from Jeremy Crawford about the role open source software could play in moving these standards forward.
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